About Me[edit]

I am not sure what came first for me, MechWarrior 2: 31st Century Combat Video Game or the BattleTech: The Animated Series,at this point I had no idea how important this universe I had just stumbled across would become. MechWarrior 2: Mercenaries came next and then a gap for a couple of years and then I found Technical Readout: 3050 (2nd edition) in my local games shop. At this point I realized that this universe was a tabletop game for the first time!

I have been knocking around Sarna since about Feb 2007 and even after all that time I am no article writer. I mostly add in small details to existing articles or create stubs that link things together. I am pretty sure some of the admins hate me for the way I work but it is just how my brain works.


Awards Board

Founder's Honorable Mention Award (2012) Founder's Honorable Mention Award (2011) Vandal Cop Award, 3rd ribbon Problem Solver Award, 1st ribbon
Casual Edit Award, 2nd ribbon All Purpose Award, 5th ribbon Random Act of Appreciation Award, 1st ribbon Edit Count (10,000)
Time in Service (10 years) Direction Appreciated Award, 1st ribbon

Projects I am undertaking[edit]

Project Bloodname Whilst I am not a huge fan of the Clans I see a need for all the bloodnames to have an article.

  • Phase 1 - Create as a minimum have a stub article for each Founding Bloodname.
    • Mongoose - In Progress
    • Nova Cat - In Progress
    • Sea Fox - In Progress
    • Snow Raven - In Progress
  • Phase 2 - Add in new Rasalhague Bloodnames/Dragoon Honor names
    • Ghost Bear new Rasalhague Bloodnames
    • Stone Lion
    • Wolf Dragoon Honor names
  • Phase 3 - Fact checking
    • Separate lineages
    • ChiLi / Chi-Li, need to check correct JF name with writers.

Project Military Commands This is a huge and likely never ending project to have at least a stub for ever combat command ever mentioned.

  • Phase 1 - Update all Officer sections to Infobox

Project Dark Age A lot of the Dark Age stuff has generally been ignored, I intend to start changing this. The CCG has more pages on the wiki that the Clicks game despite the huge success of the game. The internet is quite sparse on info about it in general.

  • Phase 1 - Create articles for all game expansions
  • Phase 2 - Datamine the Dark Age novels
  • Phase 3 - Datamine the various profile cards

Project House Project house is an ongoing project to catalog the noble houses of the Inner Sphere as best I can. BattleTech is space feudalism but we do not actually see a lot of it going on beyond the 5 main houses. I am interested in the various Dukes, Counts and Barons.

  • Phase 1 - Migrate all House Characters to nation state categories. (Completed 14/11/17)
  • Phase 2 - Upgrade all character articles to include Infobox.
  • Phase 3 - Create noble house articles and start trying to pull threads together.

Project Video Game The Video games are probably the biggest draw to the universe so the fact that the fluff on them is often quite bare bones is a bit tragic. I intend to beef up some of the fluff elements where I can.

  • Phase 1 - Datamine older video games for fluff bits. (ongoing project)
  • Phase 2 - Datamine Battletech Video Game when it comes out.
  • Phase 3 - Datamine MechWarrior 5 Mercs when it comes out.



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