About Me[edit]

I have been a fan of the universe for a long time. I am not sure what came first for me, MechWarrior 2 PC game or the Battletech cartoon but I was hooked. Mechwarrior 2 Mercs came next and then a gap for a couple of years and then I found TRO: 3050 (2nd edition) in my local games shop.... and away I went to the point that I have pretty much the entire collection of BT books now.

For a lot of 2011 was spent taking a break from a lot of BattleTech and a lot of my other hobbies due to concentrating on starting my own business, now that that is up and running I am back and starting to get involved in things again (BT is my stress relief!).


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Personal Project List[edit]

  • Create redirects to all support commands featured in Field Manuals.
  • Cross reference and flesh out notable support commands
  • Flesh out notable commands from FM 3085 and FM 3085 Sup.



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