Filtration Lung


A Filtration Lung was a special type of cybernetic implant developed for the Manei Domini. Based on survival implants originally introduced by the Taurian Concordat, these lungs allowed an agent to operate in a hostile environment or even survive a chemical weapons attack. These implants were available for those of Omega rank and higher but only one filtration lung could be implanted.[1]


In RPG play filtration lungs grants an AV of 1 against gas attacks and allows the agent to operate in tainted atmospheres for 72 hours. One hour of down time is necessary for every three hours of use. In CBT play vehicle crews, 'Mech and aerospace pilots, and infantry (only if the entire unit is so equipped) may ignore all damage taken by Tainted/Poisonous atmospheric conditions and ignore the effects of non-lethal chemical or gas weapons. When operating in Caustic, Radioactive or Flammable atmospheres damage suffered is reduced by half. In a Toxic atmosphere they suffer the effects of a Tainted atmosphere and take damage from chemical weapons as though operating in a Tainted/Poisonous atmosphere.[1]


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