Greenock Aero Manufacturing, Ltd.

Greenock Aero Manufacturing, Ltd.
Company Information
Interstellar Company No
Primary Site(s) Firgrove
Primary Products Aerospace Fighter

Greenock Aero Manufacturing, Ltd is a manufacturer of AeroSpace Fighter's located on Firgrove.[1]


Greenock Aero Manufacturing, Ltd. is the company responsible for designing and fielding the Rondel medium AeroSpace Fighter, entering the market in the decade prior to the Victoria War between the Capellan Confederation and Federated Suns. Greenock subsequently earned more recognition after the Capellan March Militia placed a large order for the Rondel in 3112.[1]


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Greenock Aero Manufacturing, Ltd has a manufacturing center on the following planet:


Components produced on Firgrove:[1]
Component Type
AeroSpace Fighters
RDL-01C Rondel[1] Medium AeroSpace Fighter
Greenock Ltd. Model 3 Rondel[1]
Fusion Engine - XL
VOX 330 XL Rondel[1]
Armor - Aerospace Fighters & Conventional Aircraft
Wangker Solarion Reflective Rondel[1]
Communications System
Rander 100B Rondel[1]
Targeting-Tracking System
Jalastar TargiTrack 777 Rondel[1]
Rotary AC-5
Mydron Tornado Rondel[1]
ER Medium Laser
Diverse Optics Rondel[1]


Technical Readout: 3145 Federated Suns don't cite where the major components for the Rondel not manufactured by Greenock originate from, but the brand names intimate that some components are most probably shiped in from other Federated Suns manufacturers such as Jalastar Aerospace and Wangker Aerospace.


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