Hohiro Kurita (CCG - Mercenaries)

Rarity: Rare

Hohiro Kurita
2+2T+4P Hohiro Kurita CCG Mercenaries.jpg
Command - Unique - Inner Sphere - Kurita
Pilot: +2 initiative, +1 attack

'Mechs that engage in battle with 'Mech piloted by Hohiro Kurita do not untap as long as Hohiro pilots that 'Mech and remains tapped.

You may choose to not untap 'Mech piloted by Hohiro Kurita during your untap phase.

The DCMS commander's incompetence gave the Clans the change to take Teniente in days. Hohiro stayed on Teniente, and the Clans still hadn't taken the planet four months later.

• Heir-Designate

0 / 0 Illus: Zina Saunders
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