Home Clan Coalition

The Home Clan Coalition was a movement founded by some of the more dissatisfied Home Clans with the objective of replacing the Invader Clans, whom they had judged to have failed after losing in battle to Comstar on Tukayyid in 3052.[1][2][3]


Founded by Clan Ice Hellion Khan Asa Taney, the Home Clan Coalition was backed by Khan Malavai Fletcher of Clan Hell's Horses, who likewise desired to join in on the invasion. Khan Ian Hawker of Clan Diamond Shark also backed the Coalition, desiring that his Clan (designated as a reserve Clan) be activated in a renewed assault.[1][4]

In the end, the Coalition accomplished little, as Khan Vlad Ward of Clan Wolf and Khan Marthe Pryde of Clan Jade Falcon introduced the Harvest Trials, by which units from Clans that had not earned the right to invade could be included in a renewed invasion as isorla. With their most Crusader-minded units challenging for Trials against the Wolves and Falcons - and then departing with those Clans for the Inner Sphere - much of the backing that Khan Taney and his allies relied upon evaporated before their eyes.[4][5][6]


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