House Montong

House Montong
titles Barony of Hsien

House Montong are the only noble family on the planet Hsien and bare the hereditary title of "Baron of Hsien".


The first human inhabitants of Hsien identified that the large reptiles on the planet were mostly herbivores and had little trouble containing them. The colonists quickly learned that water purification plants would be needed to deal with the microbes and heavy metals already in the water, but the mineral ores found on Hsien supported modest industrial growth and the beginnings of the local noble class, starting with the Montong family. The Montong family were the settlers and stewards of the Montong Chain and the founders of the Montong Mining Consortium, based out of Zhoulin[1][2].

Hsien became a part of the Terran Hegemony and prospered during the era of the Star League, but when the Capellan Confederation annexed Hsien after the fall of the League in 2781 they exiled many of the noble families from Hsien, including the House Twohy, who had held the planet as a dukedom and included the heavily-industrialized Dendeez Chain as a part of their personal fiefs.[2]


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