Jump Booster

Battle Armor Jump Booster


The Jump Booster was designed to improve the jumping capability of battle armor. The Inner Sphere version was pioneered by the Gray Death Legion. It adds an extra 30 meters to bipedal battle armor's jump capability.[1] Both the Clans and Inner Sphere have Jump Booster technology. As it is a booster system, the battle armor must mount Jump Jets.

Jump Boosters are incompatible with Battle Armor Partial Wings.[1] The Clans cannot combine Jump Boosters with their VTOL Equipment.[2]


Game Rules[edit]

The Jump Booster will provide one additional Jump MP, even if that exceeds the normal maximum MP. It weighs 125 kg and occupies two battle armor equipment slots on the Body location. It is only usable by bipedal battle armor designs that can jump. It cannot be combined with a partial wing system.[1]

When using TechManual construction rules, the Jump Booster cannot be mounted as modular equipment.[1]

A Jump Booster costs 75,000 C-Bills[3]


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