Kerron Raty

Kerron Raty (b. ???? - d. ????) was the Planetary Defence Chairman of the Outworlds Alliance world of Medron during Operation UNION HOLD, the Star League invasion of the Outworlds Alliance in 2581, and a former member of the Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery.[1]

Character History[edit]

Draconis Combine[edit]

During his time as a citizen of the Draconis Combine, Kerron Raty served in the DCMS for ten years as a tank commander. Raty would use his military experience to great benefit during his years in the Outworlds Alliance, but he actually emigrated from the Combine to become a farmer, settling on the world of Medron.[1]

Outworlds Alliance[edit]

Despite his ambitions to become a farmer, Raty soon became involved with the planetary militia on Medron, and was responsible for reorganizing the militia to enable them to respond quickly to pirate activity. With the support of the Outworlds Alliance Militia Senior Defense Chairman, Welkens Nordd, by the time Raty was the Planetary Defence Chairman of Medron he'd equipped and organized the planetary militia into a substantial force compared to that of many other Alliance border worlds. In addition to organizing four battalions of fast light and medium armor, Raty converted almost three companies of other vehicles into improvised fighting vehicles with additional armor and weapons, and arranged for the two regiments of infantry that formed the bulk of the militia to have enough motorized transport to mount both regiments.[1]

When the forces of the Star League invaded in October 2581, Raty led the militia in a skilled defense that avoided direct, organized battles in favor of fast strikes against isolated units identified by information from local civilians and military scouts. Through Raty's tactics, the SLDF losses were roughly equal in number to those of the militia, but where the militia was losing tanks, the SLDF troops were losing both tanks and 'Mechs. In November 2581, Raty scored a coup against the SLDF forces by capturing an SLDF supply cache and holding it long enough to liberate enough supplies and equipment to arm two complete regiments of volunteers, allowing those volunteers in turn to add substantial defenses around two key industrial cities on Medron.[1]

When the SLDF commander responded by ordering a massed assault on the city of Axel, Raty led the militia forces in a spirited defense that blocked the SLDF infantry from clearing safe routes and halting the SLDF advance outside of the center of Axel, although his forces took heavy casualties.[1] The determined resistance put up by the militia had dire consequences, though; when the SLDF commander on planet, Lieutenant General Remy Mallet, requested suggestions from her superiors on how to defeat the militia, the response was brutal. General Amos Forlough, commander of the overall task force, ordered Mallet to decimate the civilian population of Medron for daring to resist the will of the Star League. Mallet's forces started mass executions, which drew Raty and the remaining militia forces into open combat with the SLDF troops; within a week, more than ten thousand civilians had been killed by the SLDF troops, and the militia had been destroyed. It isn't known if Raty survived the defeat of the militia.[2]


Kerron Raty was a firm believer that the Alliance should reinforce it's borders against future aggression from the Star League, and was vocal in his support for Welkens Nordd. Nordd gave Raty more support that the other border world Defense Chairmen in the run up to UNION HOLD as a result.[1]


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