Kurita High Command (CCG - CommandersEdition)

Rarity: New Deck Card

Kurita High Command
3+3T Kurita High Command CCG CommandersEdition.jpg
Command - Unique - Inner Sphere - Kurita
Each of your 'Mechs gets -1 structure and gains C3 (Each Unit with C3 in a group that includes at least one other Unit with C3 gets +2 attack.)
The DCMS has revolutionized the technology of command, control, and communication. As they are currently the only ones with this edge, expect a sudden and forceful assault on Smoke Jaguars before anyone else—us, for example—can catch up.
  — Maskirovka: COP (Information Gathering) Report [5587-3058]
4 / 2 Illus: Steve White
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