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Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Fox


The LAS Illustrious was a Fox-class corvette in service with the Lyran Alliance and which was captured by the Free Skye movement during the FedCom Civil War. The Free Skye group then attempted to use the Illustrious and a sister ship from the same class, the suborned FCS Indefatigable, to capture the vital industrial world of Hesperus II. This led to both corvettes engaging with the Avalon-class cruiser FCS Simon Davion, a Loyalist WarShip supporting Archon Katherine Steiner which moved to engage the Fourth Skye Rangers, who were being escorted by the two corvettes at the time.[1][2]

The three WarShips clashed, with the Illustrious the first WarShip to succumb to the torrents of fire being thrown out,[1] the crew forced to abandon ship after a brutal exchange of close range broadsides with the Simon Davion.[2] The Indefatigable had taken damage by the time the Illustrious was destroyed, but was able to close on the Simon Davion and launch boarding parties; the marines launched by the Indefatigable successfully captured the Simon Davion,[2] which went on to fight in support of the Free Skye movement as they attempted to seize Hesperus II.[1]


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