LXV Corps (Star League)

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LXV Corps
Unit Profile (as of [[]])
Parent Formation 19th Army


In 2765 LXV Corps was part of the SLDF's Nineteenth Army and was stationed in the Taurian Concordat. They were stationed the farthest spinward, in the Perdition Union of the Concordat. This area wasn't as heavily populated, and so the terror tactics that were commonly encountered by the other Corps of the Nineteenth Army were largely not present. They were also responsible for covering the Dumassas Union, but their lack of soldiers meant that the Corps could secure either the Perdition or the Dumassas Union, but not both. To address this, some supplies originally slated for the SLDF's Third Army were sent on to LXV Corps and the independent regiments attached to the Corps performed patrols in the area.[1]


LXV Corps was led by Major General Garland Hallestrøm, a graduate of the War Academy of Mars.[1]

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