Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Avatar
In service since ca. 2574
In service until 2581


The SLS Lakshmi was an Avatar-class[1] heavy cruiser commissioned into the Star League Defense Force black water navy in or around 2574. Commander Theodore Rasmusen took command of it "off the builder's slip" and captained it for seven years[2], until the Star League offensive to capture the Taurian Concordat world of Flintoft during the Reunification War. There, the SLS Lakshmi was lost with nearly all of its crew when the Taurians used "fire ships" against it[2] loaded with nuclear weapons and other explosives, crippling or destroying sixteen SLDF WarShips.

Commodore Rasmusen survived the destruction of the SLS Lakshmi and went on to command the Aegis-class SLS Minotaur, seeing action later in the Reunification War.[2]


According to Historical: Reunification War, the battle for Flintoft began on the 15th of March 2581 and that the SLDF naval formation involved in the attack was the First Battle Fleet.[3]


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