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Líder was a Spanish magazine, now defunct specialized in war and role-playing games, it was published intermittently by different Barcelona publishers between 1979 and 1985 (under the title MS, initials of Maquetismo y Simulación) and between 1986 and 2003 (under the definitive title of Lider).

During this time, and during the third run 1987-1998, two BattleTech articles were created:

LIDER 3º - Number 29[edit]

Lider 3E nº29 Cover

Short article on BattleTech presentation in Spanish. An scenario where a Kuritan 'Mech company assaults a factory in the Davion planer Urban I (a non-canon planet) defended by four Demolisher tanks, a company of TIGER IA tanks (custom tank, a 50 ton sort of Saladin but with turret), 3 hover Infantry Sections, 3 Foot Infantry sections plus 6 motorized infantry units. Two lances of TIGER IA tanks enter as reinforcements. After the scenario, the TIGER IA recordsheet is presented, and also a custom 'Mech called WARHAMMER II (a 75 ton 'Mech very different than the original Warhammer).

LIDER 3º - Number 42[edit]

Lider 3E nº42 Cover

Short article on Godzilla and BattleTech. This is an humorous article. It provides a BattleTech description of Godzilla with its own custom rules, and then a short scenario on a Kuritan lance trying to battle him.