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In the past five hundred years the School provide the League with essential naval personal for JumpShips, DropShips and Aerospace Fighters. The WarShip programm were reactivated in 3054. At the beginning JumpShip and DropShip crews were cross trainind and later the school resumed its fulll naval training course. The School sought way to increase the numbers of graduates in each years to provide presonal of the developing fleet.[1]


Every student (1000 are accepted per years) must completed a three year basic training program. The final selection lay at the hand of the Captain-General but the need of pilots for aerospace fighter make it harder to used it for political patronage. Aptitude test ensure that all cadets have the reflexes, coordination and aptitude for aerospace Opertions.[1]

Basic Training[edit]

In the first year the cadets leran discipline, hand-to-hand combat and first aid. All students also receive training in null-G conditions, learning the basics of functioning in micro-gravity. This training serves to weed applicants out who suffer from space sickness.[1]

Advanced individual Training[edit]

The next two (2) years are reserved for learning small-craft Operations. Fighter pilot cadets are trained in aerospace combat and the candidates for larger craft learn to cooperate as a team. The DropShip and JumpShip trainees undergo further training (two years) in the Specialities to work on their assignment vessel. WarShip crews must take another three year training tour (the full Warship training last six years) It gives a shortened version for experienced crews that only lasts two (2) years.[1]


The school sets high and strict standards. Any student or instructor who can not meet these are dismissed. The commanders at the LMs are aware that this presure needs a tone of release, and encourage competion with the Allison MechWarrior Institute.[1]


Graduates of the aerospace training are assigned to the Marik Militias, Free Worlds Guards or an independent aerospace wing as ensigns. DropShip and JumpShip crews enter service in a specific line unit or with the League's Transport Command (in most cases). The WarhSip program provides enough personal for the growing number of warships, but in the future the demand outpaces the supply.[1]

Notable Graduates[edit]


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