Marik Militia

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Marik Militia
Unit Profile (as of 3076)
Nickname Mailed Fist In A Velvet Glove
Parent Formation Free Worlds League Military
Formed 2238[1]

Once the armed forces of the Marik Commonwealth, the Marik Militia was the first and largest Federal brigade Free Worlds League and the backbone of the Free Worlds League Military.


[edit] History

During the Reunification War the units of the Militia served with distinction in the campaign against the Magistracy of Canopus, capturing enemy material to create new Militia regiments. As the Good Years of the Star League drew to a close the Militia had expanded to 20 BattleMech regiments. More so than the provincial forces, the Marik Militia suffered a fearful battering in the Free Worlds League civil war of the 2730's as Militia units supported both the usurper Oliver Marik and rightful Captain-General Elise Marik. Fueled by the Council Lord's amendments to Council Edict of 2650 in 2752 and 2755 to double the size of House forces, these losses were recouped and eight more regiments were added to the Militia's roster, a move that proved beneficial to League after the collapse of the Star League. [2]

Forming such a large part of the FWLM, the Militia played a significant role in the League's military actions in the unceasing conflict of the Succession Wars, but even with the addition of two new Militia units in 2980, attrition had reduced their number down to fifteen regiments by 3025. After the rise of Thomas Marik to the Captain-Generalacy, the Marik Militia benefited from new resources to rebuild and expand their numbers. Unfortunately Militia also began to serve as unofficial cadre units for the modernized FWLM, with most graduates of the League's military academies undertaking their first tour of duty in a Militia unit before the best officers and troops were poached by more prestigious brigades. While a few regiments had success in convincing the LCCC to retain and build on their expertise, the Militia as a whole had the highest concentration of green troops in Thomas's FWLM. [3] [4]

Still the bulwark of the League's military, the Marik Militia borne the brunt of FLWM's fighting in the Jihad. Despite seeing near-continuous action and in some cases suffering extremely heavy combat damage, just as the nation which it defended shattered and fragmented, the bulk of the Milita's losses were due to the divided loyalties of its regiments to provinces, other League units, various leaders and power brokers. [5]

[edit] Units of the Marik Militia

[edit] Colors and Unit Insignia

The Marik Militia's parade colors are purple, with highlights in red on the right side, and in blue on the left. Individual units may vary from this color scheme.

[edit] References

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