Donegal Guards

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Insignia of the Donegal Guards
Donegal Guards
Unit Profile (as of 3145)
Nickname Túatha Dé Danann
Parent Formation LCAF
Formed After 2314, before 2341

The Donegal Guards predate the formation of the Lyran Commonwealth. Originally the defensive force of the Protectorate of Donegal, the Donegal Guards are a large and well supplied unit, mostly because the Protectorate of Donegal was not ravaged by the Succession Wars. The Donegal Guards fight with dogged determination. At its zenith, the brigade numbered 20 BattleMech regiments and an additional 80 regiments of conventional forces.


The roots of these brigades dates back to the Protectorate of Donegal. Since that time, the units fought with a solid reputation against the enemies of the Commonwealth with great success. They have always followed their tradition to stand with the Archon and the protectorate. [1] The regiments of the Donegal Guards were originally all named for famed regiments from Terra that shared the predominantly Irish heritage of the Protectorate, although this tradition would fade with time.[2]

Star League Era[edit]

The most loyal of the regional brigades, the Donegal Guards continued to join with the various state brigades of the Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces in support of the Commonwealth and the Archon. The Donegal Guards had lost half a dozen regiments in the brutal fighting of the closing years of the Age of War prior to the formation of the Star League, but throughout the Star League era the Guards enjoyed access to the best equipment outside of the Royal Guards brigade. The Donegal Guards remained the formation of choice to conduct those offensive operations too large for the smaller Royal Guards brigade to handle alone, and the Guards attracted officers who sought to advance via their leadership and grasp of strategic skills, rather than through politics and favouritism. It was during the Star League era that the shift in unit traditions away from favoring or honoring those units associated with Ireland became distinctly noticeable amongst some of the regiments. By 2765 the Guards were eleven regiments strong.[2]

The Donegal Guards grew in strength during the leadup to the First Succession War, and by 2786 mustered seventeen full 'Mech regiments. Two of these, the Fifth and Fourteenth Donegal Guards were former Star League Defense Force units, whilst the Ninth, Thirteenth, Fifteenth and Sixteenth Donegal Guards were reactivated regiments. During the First Succession War three new regiments of Guards - the Eighteenth, Nineteenth and Twentieth Donegal Guards were founded.[3]

FedCom Civil War[edit]

The whole brigade sided with Katherine Steiner-Davion and five regiments were destroyed in the conflict.[4] Note that FM:Updates isn't very clear on which regiments were destroyed. Based on the fact that they were all listed as being at 5-20% of their pre-Civil War strength, possible candidates are:


As of mid-Jihad, the Second and the Seventh were the only active regiments.[8] After the end of the Jihad the Second and Seventh were the only surviving units. The Fourth Donegal Guards were destroyed in the Capellan Confederation attack on New Syrtis, the Fifth Donegal Guards were destroyed by the Blakists on New Avalon and the few survivors were drafted into other units, the Eighth Guards were destroyed on Kathil, and the Third Guards were killed on Donegal; the last two attacks were by the Blakists. The Thirteenth and Fourteenth Donegal Guards were also destroyed by the Blakists. The survivors from the Third were rolled into the Second Guards while the surviving members of the Sixth reinforced the Seventh Guards. The Eleventh and Seventeenth Guards were destroyed by the Free Worlds League Military during Operation Broken Fist.[9]

Dark Age[edit]

During fighting along the Free Worlds League and Wolf Empire borders, half the Donegal Guard's 'Mech regiments were destroyed. A brigade that once had ten 'Mech regiments, seven of which led Regimental Combat Teams became a unit with a single RCT and four 'Mech regiments. Despite this, the brigade's component regiments remained loyal and had high morale.[10]


Kathleen Heany led the brigade recently, since the "retirement" of Geoffry Berg. She fought in many wars and is regarded by many as old school. Her XO, Sarah Steiner is a competent strategist and developed many new tactics with her last position. Following the Federated Commonwealth Civil War, Heany was replaced by General Caesar Steiner. However, day-to-day management of the Donegal Guards was in the hands of Sarah Steiner due to Caesar's responsibilities operating the Cavanaugh Theater, commanding the 2nd Donegal Guard, and serving as an adviser to Archon Peter Steiner-Davion. Sarah Steiner became the Brigade Commander following the assassination of her predecessor, a position she continues to hold after the Jihad's conclusion.


8 RCT and 3 'free' regiments are the main force of these command. The equipment covers a weight range from light, high mobile units to those which use sheer fire power and mass.

Units of the Donegal Guards[edit]

Color Scheme and Unit Insignia[edit]

The Donegal Guards paint their BattleMechs and Combat Vehicles blue-gray.


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