34th Marik Militia

34th Marik Militia
Unit Profile (as of 3059)
Nickname None yet
Parent Formation Marik Militia
Formed 3057



The Thirty Fourth Marik Militia was formed in 3057.

Operation Guerrero[edit]

During Operation Guerrero, the 34th Marik Militia captured Pollux.[1] There they faced off against a militia regiment of infantry and armor.[2]

Operation Bulldog[edit]

The 34th did not participate in Operation Bulldog.


As of 3067, they were headquartered on Amity.[3] The 34th Marik Militia was part of Operation Broken Fist, the defense of the Free Worlds League against invading forces from the Lyran Commonwealth's Skye and Bolan Provinces.[4] By 3079 they had overcome their inexperience and become a stalwart defensive unit. Splitting into two smaller commands, they garrisoned the Tamarind District worlds Epsilon and Nockatunga.[5]

The relentless pace of Lyran assaults on worlds protected by the Thirty-Fourth eventually led to disaster. In mid to late 3079 the Thirty-Fourth was soundly defeated at Epsilon by the 4th Lyran Regulars and 8th Lyran Regulars,[6] suffering severe losses before they could escape to the friendly system of Promised Land.[7] The 34th would be defeated again on Nockatunga in early September 3079 by the 4th Alliance Guards and was forced to retreat to limit collateral damage.[8] Shortly thereafter, the Free Worlds League was disbanded following the final vote of the Free Worlds League Parliament in January 3079.[9] This shocking event, coupled with the unit's losses, drove morale to an all-time low. For the next five years, any rumor of a deployment to a front line sparked numerous desertions.[7]


Between 3059 and 3067 the commanding officer was Colonel William Adams.[2][3]

As of 3085 the commanding officer is Colonel Rumi Vyse[10]


The 34th is too new to have any tactical specialties.[2]

Composition History[edit]


34th Marik Militia (1 Regiment/Green/Reliable)[2][3]

  • 2nd Battalion: Force Commander Nicholas Bryce
  • 3rd Battalion: Force Commander David "Dragon" Cotteril

67th Independent Air Wing (1 Wing/Regular/Reliable)[2][3]


The assault by the Lyran Commonwealth and ongoing raids reduced the Thirty-fourth to about seventy percent of its pre-Jihad strength.[5]


34th Marik Militia (Regular/Questionable)[10]

  • CO: Colonel Rumi Vyse

34th Militia Aerospace (Wing/Regular/Reliable)[10]

12th Promised Land Armor Regiment (Green/Questionable)[10]

3rd Promised Land Infantry Brigade (Green/Reliable)[10]

  • CO: Lieutenant Colonel Radzim Carrara



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