New Canton

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Planets within 2 jumps

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Note: X and Y are coordinates (light years on XY plane) relative to Terra at (0, 0)

X: 8.28 Y: -72.92[e]

Planetary Garrison[edit]




  • First Kestrel Grenadiers[3]





- At this point in time, the VI Principes was at 55% of full strength, with 71% of their equipment featuring upgraded technology.

Owner History[edit]

Planetary History[edit]

First Succession War[edit]

The Capellan Confederation annexed New Canton in 2784, part of a series of annexations that added fifteen former Terran Hegemony worlds to the Confederation while the Hegemony was collapsing immediately before the First Succession War erupted.[17] In late 2787 Captain-General Kenyon Marik launched an invasion of the Confederation, intent on capturing a corridor of worlds leading to Sarna. Having quickly seized Corey and Wazan, the Free Worlds League faced a two-year struggle to hold both worlds as the Capellan Confederation Armed Forces attempted to get reinforcements to both worlds. Chancellor Barbara Liao ordered an attack on New Delos, a major Free Worlds League Military staging ground, which disrupted supply lines, communications and repair facilities and killed twenty thousand civilians. In retaliation - and in an attempt to disrupt the flow of reinforcements to Corey and Wazan - Kenyon Marik ordered attacks on a number of Capellan worlds including New Canton that saw the planets firebombed, with the attacks continuing until the Capellans were forced on the defensive following a failed attack on Calloway VI in 2789.[28]

The Jihad[edit]

The Word of Blake annexed New Canton early in the Jihad and declared the planet to be a part of the Word of Blake Protectorate under their total control in August 3071. Data recovered late in the Jihad showed that the Blakist's proclamation was somewhat precipitous; Stalwart Support, a conventional infantry regiment under the command of Colonel Sanders, went to ground on New Canton and offered stiff and continued resistance for two years until the last of the unit was destroyed in 3073. The infantry platoons within Stalwart Support were particularly fond of using TAG Spotter Infantry and Heavy Foot LRM Infantry in combination with heavy cover to inflict disproportionate amounts of damage on the Blakist units garrisonning the world.[7]

Nearby Systems[edit]

Systems within 60 light-years (distance in light years)
Closest systems first:
Saiph 8.53 Menkalinan 9.88 Tall Trees 13.69 Belluevue 15.31 Zion 17.33
Hsien 21.19 Zurich 21.67 Bhaktapur 21.78 Berenson 23.77 Aldebaran 25.04
Kyrkbacken 26.24 Kristiandsund 28.08 Elgin 28.69 Liao 30.35 Capolla 31.79
Asuncion 31.83 Mandal 33.86 Nanking 35.64 Manennaia 35.98 Gan Singh 40.08
Snailzar 41.25 Myrvoll 41.59 Genoa 43.91 Brownsville 44.88 Wasat 46.52
Ilmachna 47.18 Blue Sava 47.53 Suzano 48.09 Outreach 49.63 Pleione 49.89
Bex 50.69 Bernardo 50.70 Hall 50.91 Ningpo 52.18 Hamilton 52.35
Terra Firma 53.48 Ventabren 55.35 Augustine 55.88 Arboris 56.31 Jilin 56.53
Ibstock 58.25 Styk 58.42


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