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View of Bryant from orbit
Planets within 2 jumps
Star System Information
Star Bryant
Star Type F5IV
(relative to Terra)
X:13.17 Y:-13.23[e]
(Terra at (0,0))
Distance From Terra: 18.81 LY
Number of Planets 4 (of 5)
Time to Jump Point 15 days
Recharging Station(s) Nadir
Planet: Bryant
Position 4
Planet Type Rocky
Diameter  ?
Gravity 0.98
Atmospheric Pressure Standard (Breathable)
Atmospheric Composition  ?
Percent Surface Water 64%
Level of Native Life
Satellites 3 (Jarra
Population (2750)23,500,000
(3025) 63,000

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Owner History[edit]

Planetary Info[edit]

Bryant was one of the Prime or First Circuit A-Class Hyperpulse Generator stations of the SLCOMNET and ComStar HPG Network.[citation needed]

Local Fauna[edit]

Planetary History[edit]

Early History[edit]

Bryant was one of the worlds that remained a part of the Terran Alliance following the Outer Reaches Rebellion and the Demarcation Declaration of 2242,[1] and became one of the worlds within the Alliance Core region of the Terran Hegemony.[6]

During the first two centuries after its initial colonization, Bryant was a hostile world, with colonists confined to the planet's polar regions. That all changed in 2478, when the Terran Hegemony placed Storm Inhibitors in orbit of the planet. The massive storms that once swept across the planet's surface disappeared, and with the ability to now safely farm in warmer climates the people of Bryant turned their world into a major agricultural center. Tourism flourished and many exotic species, such as Jewel Bass and Crowley Lizard Cow, became delicacies.[13]

Amaris Civil War[edit]

When Stefan Amaris launched his coup on the 27th of December 2766 on Terra his forces also swung into action on all of the other worlds within the Terran Hegemony and a number of jointly-administered worlds.[14] This included Bryant; when the Rim Worlds Republic forces arrived to conquer Bryant the primary defenders were the SLDF Engineering Corps personnel on the world. The Engineer Corps staff operated a network of orbital mirrors referred to as Storm Inhibitors, which during peacetime focused sunlight from Bryant's sun onto areas of the upper atmosphere to disperse incipient storm formations. With Bryant under attack, this Storm Inhibitor Array became a vital part of the planetary defense, with the SLDF forces targeting the energy from the various Inhibitors against DropShips and WarShips; the sensors on numerous vessels were overloaded and their systems overheated, resulting in numerous DropShips crashing and two WarShips taking damage. The SLDF also targeted the mirrors against Republican forces on the ground, preventing them from moving for several days. Unfortunately, this was not enough; the Republican forces quickly launched attacks against the Inhibitors using AeroSpace Fighters and assault ships, and the various Inhibitors were unable to reposition and refocus quickly enough to defend against all of the attackers. With the mirrors quickly falling prey to the Republican attacks the main means of defense for the planetary garrison vanished and the Republican forces were able to assume control of Bryant by the end of the first week of January 2767.[9]

Unfortunately, during the Amaris Civil War, Republican forces used the Inhibitors for target practice. With the satellites gone, the planet's climate turned hostile once again, forcing the populace to flee to back to the poles. Their abandoned cities are now home only to adventurous ComStar researchers searching for any surviving lostech.[15]

The Jihad[edit]

During the Jihad the Word of Blake established a new Space Defense System around Bryant. This proved to be a nasty surprise for the attacking Coalition forces in March 3078. The Bastion and Capitol space stations made short work of the WarShip group commanded by Star Admiral Erik Devalis of Clan Nova Cat.[16] The Nova Cats lost two WarShips as they braved the SDS network, the Vincent Mk 42-class corvette NCS Spirit Vision and the much larger Black Lion-class battlecruiser NCS Severen Leroux.[17] The first layer of defenses within the Bryant system, Bastion and Capitol class space stations, claimed one of the attached assault DropShips almost as soon as the fleet arrived; Star Admiral Devalis ordered the Aegis-class NCS Chronicle to defend the transport DropShips transporting the ground forces, while the Severen Leroux and the Spirit Vision and half the AeroSpace Fighters attached to the attack group attempted to screen the forces burning towards the planet from the SDS system. The swarming drones that formed a part of the SDS network destroyed the Spirit Vision relatively early in the engagement, but the Severen Leroux managed to destroy all of the defensive space stations within the system before succumbing.[16]

Once the Coalition forces landed, the ground fighting inflicted massive damage on the world. A broadcast from the Federated Suns war correspondent Peter Remonde in early April 3078 highlighted just how much damage had been done, both by the attacking forces and by the Blakist defense of Bryant.[18] The Blakist defenders fought hard and then dispersed into a resistance organization. Even two months after declaring Bryant freed the fighting continued. In fact, within an hour of the declaration of freedom, a battalion of 'Mechs and a regiment of infantry troops were killed.[19] Estimates indicated that repairing the damage to the world would likely take decades.[16]

On the 16th of September 3081[20] elements of the retreating 49th Shadow Division were engaged by forces from the Republic of the Sphere - forces which included a Blake's Wrath special forces team - in the City of the Sacredot on Bryant. The Republican forces were acting on intelligence indicating that the notorious Blakist Precentor Berith was with the forces from the 49th, intelligence which proved to be false, although an informant with useful information was able to escape from the Blakist forces during the combat. Intelligence subsequently indicated that Bryant may have been the site of part of an organised escape route for retreating Blakist forces.[20]

Planetary Garrison[edit]

3050 to 3062[edit]




Manufacturing Center[edit]

Nearby Systems[edit]

Systems within 60 light-years (distance in light years)
Closest systems first:
New Home 6.46 Caph 12.92 Keid 13.18 Epsilon Eridani 13.19 New Stevens 16.31
Epsilon Indi 18.36 Procyon 20.38 Sirius 21.11 Brownsville 23.35 Carver V 26.11
Fomalhaut 26.37 Terra 26.41 Dieron 29.11 Terra Firma 29.73 Northwind 31.28
Altair 31.32 Rigil Kentarus 31.79 Capolla 33.35 Sheratan 35.94 Saffel 37.49
Outreach 37.74 Graham IV 39.55 New Earth 41.87 Ingress 41.88 Lockdale 42.90
Hechnar 42.93 Fletcher 43.94 Killbourn 44.63 Small World 44.72 Alula Australis 46.02
Pollux 47.05 Asta 47.82 Nanking 48.08 Athenry 48.59 Hsien 48.60
Elgin 49.38 Oliver 51.18 Devil's Rock 51.43 Styx 51.44 Acamar 51.69
Deneb Kaitos 51.70 Bex 52.04 Nirasaki 53.76 Ruchbah 53.77 Woodstock 54.54
Yorii 55.57 Errai 56.04 Kawich 56.86 Zurich 56.87 Castor 57.06
Thorin 57.89 Zavijava 57.90 Hall 58.16 Quentin 58.42 Pike IV 59.45



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