Production information
Manufacturer Federated-Boeing Interstellar
Type Space Defense System
Tech Base Star League[1]
Introduced 3051[2]
Technical specifications
Mass 30,000 tons
Length 185m
Width 185m
Thrust 0
Fuel (tons) 400
Fuel (days) 1.84
LF battery No
Armament 12 x ER Large Laser
12 x Large Laser
12 x Medium Laser
6 x AC/10
6 x Gauss Rifle
6 x LRM-15w/Artemis IV
6 x LRM-20w/Artemis IV
12 x SRM-6w/Artemis IV
6 x NAC/10
6 x NL35
Armor 27 (Capital scale, on each of six sides)
Structural Integrity 1
Docking Collars 1
Crew/Passengers 13 Officers
38 Enlisted/Non-Rates
24 Gunners
83 Bay personnel
Grav Decks 2x185m diameter
Escape Pods/Life Boats 10/10
Heat Sinks 339
BV (1.0) 10,290[3]
BV (2.0)  ????


The Capitol-class system-defense Space Station was designed by Federated-Boeing Interstellar to provide the anti-WarShip capability that the Bastion-class lacks. Discarding anything that doesn't contribute to the station's mission, engineers were able to reduce the size of the Capitol to roughly half that of the Bastion while adding Naval Autocannon and Naval Lasers to the station. The smaller size also makes it easier for defenders to reposition the station, and a special JumpShip adapter means that the station can be used in offensive operations. The drawback to the JumpShip adapter is that it's very expensive. Coupled with the AFFS's perennial lack of adequate JumpShips, this means that the Capitol's capability in offensive operations remains mostly theoretical at this time.

Like all space stations, the Capitol has only a few station keeping engines to counter the forces of gravity. Lacking sufficient power to actually move the station, the Capitol uses a tug to reposition itself to engage enemy forces.

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

The Capitol's armament is split relatively evenly between capital weapons and anti-Fighter weapons. The NAC/10's and NL35's can make short work of any Pocket WarShip that attacks the station, while the other weapons can easily destroy any Fighters that stray too close. Though it may seem odd to use several Autocannon/10's in the station, they have several advantages:

  • They can use the special munitions developed by the AFFS.
  • They're cheap.
  • They're readily available after the various Enforcer refit programs
  • Their heavier weight is irrelevant to the Capitol. This frees LB 10-X AC's for use on 'Mechs and AeroSpace Fighters, where every gram counts.

The Artemis IV Fire Control Systems make the missile launchers more accurate, and the standard lasers serve to reduce the cost of the station while adding decent firepower.

In fact the only thing that would improve the Capitol's armament would be the use of a Targeting Computer to make its weapons fire even more effective.


Unlike the larger Bastion class space stations, the Capitol has just under 4000 tons of cargo capacity. The first two bays are devoted to seven small craft and twenty-four AeroSpace Fighters, while the last bay is used for consumables. Usually the small craft are tugs to reposition the station, though it is possible that a Capitol in enemy territory might replace some of the small craft or fighters with some Battle Taxis to deploy marines in Battle Armor.


No known variants of the Capitol are known to exist.


The Capital System-Defense Station as of this writing is not listed with a current BV2 on the Catalyst Game Labs's Master Unit List.


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