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MechForce United Kingdom (MFUK) was a British BattleTech fan organisation that ran for roughly 14 years. It should not be confused with the original MechForce North America which was eventually taken over and run directly by FASA.

MechForce UK[edit]

After the launch of the MechForce concept through MechForce North America, FASA also granted a license to the (distinct) British national fan organisation in 1987. This organisation also covered Europe, even after the founding of MechForce Germany in 1993 European fans could still join MFUK.

Although small in number, the MFUK was very active across the United Kingdom and Europe, organizing chapters and battles among its members, attending gaming conventions worldwide, and hosting smaller conventions themselves. Membership numbers indicated that over 1190 people had joined at one time or another. Their Comnet magazine ran for 47 issues.

Reportedly, Bob Nicholls effectively ran the MFUK single handed, although other members did contribute to varying degrees. MFUK was in talks with Wizkids to continue its licence after FASA withdrew from the market. Unfortunately, due to declining membership numbers and Bob Nicholls' deteriorating health MFUK folded in 2001. The 47th and final issue of Comnet (mis-labeled as a second "Isasue 46") contains the parting words from Bob Nicholls' wife, closing the doors on Mechforce UK under the heading "Widow Tech".


An annual membership fee was charged, for which the member received: a membership pack including a membership card, certificate of enrolment into your chosen faction's military, tournament rules of engagement, membership manual, and a quarterly magazine. Yearly membership 'Mechs were also presented and sometimes other small items such as posters.

Each member was encouraged to fight matches against other members and submit a proforma record sheet of the battle to obtain a ranking within their chosen faction. Points were awarded for wins and opponents' 'Mechs destroyed or disabled. The ranks were displayed in issues of Comnet.

Within MFUK there was the opportunity for members to create their own regional based Chapters. Each Chapter had a unique name and required a minimum of four members, with one acting as a leader and point of contact. These Chapters did not have to be UK based; one Chapter, the B.C. Legion, was run by Randall N. Bills. Bob's own Chapter was known as The Mech Force.


MechForce UK was known as a prolific producer of merchandise, house rules, scenario packs and new 'Mech designs. Although arguably official, their publications were not checked for compliance with established canon and do not meet the criteria for canon in the BattleTech universe. As such, they can be regarded as apocryphal.


Besides their magazine, MFUK published a range of (usually comb-bound) sourcebooks and record sheet books.

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MFUK 'Mechs[edit]

Ral Partha produced miniatures for a number of MFUK custom 'Mech designs. This misled many fans into falsely believing them to be canonical, though neither MFUK nor Ral Partha were technically in any position to add canonical content to the BattleTech universe.

These miniatures were based around components from other (canonical) 'Mechs, fitted together to produce new figures. For example, the Iron Bear had a Koshi torso on top of Mad Cat legs, with Mad Cat missile pods and arms from an Uller. With the death of Bob Nicolls the molds and licenses for these 'Mechs were offered for sale.