Midnight Star

Midnight Star
Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Potemkin


The Potemkin-class cruiser CCS Midnight Star was a part of the Clan Coyote touman in 3061 and was allocated to the Alpha Naval Reserve.[1]

During the Wars of Reaving the Midnight Star was involved in the defence of Tamaron from Clan Steel Viper in late 3074. The Steel Viper force attacking Tamaron consisted of most of the Steel Viper touman, spearheaded by the Leviathan Prime-class battleship CSV Perigard Zalman, which arrived with the Steel Viper flotilla in the Tamaron system on the 7th of December 3074 and immediately began to fight it's way towards the planet in what became the largest naval battle in the Pentagon Worlds since Operation KLONDIKE. Although the Perigard Zalman was ultimately defeated, the Steel Viper forces were able to reach the planet, and the Midnight Star was one of only two Coyote vessels to escape from the system.[2]

While the Midnight Star managed to avoid being destroyed during the massive battle at Tamaron, it took heavy damage in combat with the Steel Vipers, and in 3084 was decommissioned; with the Coyote naval fleet down to just a small handful of vessels in the wake of the Wars of Reaving, the Midnight Star was likely to be cannibalized to provide parts to support the surviving functional Coyote WarShips and then scuttled.[3]


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