Clan Coyote Touman

The Clan Coyote Touman is the military arm of Clan Coyote.

Unit Structure[edit]

Clan Coyote maintains unique front-line Galaxy formations, composed of a Command Trinary and five 'Mech-equipped Clusters, one of which is designated a reserve Cluster. This fifth Cluster is held as a strategic reserve, used to provide reinforcements and harass the enemy on extended campaigns. Despite their second-line status, these Clusters are just as capable as the rest of the Galaxy and used during bidding.[1] True second-line Galaxies are composed of three to four 'Mech-equipped Clusters, some of which are Solahma units. The latter are restricted to using standard BattleMechs instead of the more valuable OmniMechs.[1]

Standard front-line and reserve Clusters are composed of three 'Mech, one aerospace and one Elemental Trinary, led by a command Star or Nova. One of the 'Mech Trinaries is often upgrade to a Supernova. Second-line and Solahma Clusters are limited to three to four Trinaries led by a command Star, with fewer OmniMechs and, in some cases, no aerospace or Elemental forces. Some Solahma Clusters strictly use conventional armor and infantry, and are treated as little more than cannon fodder or as an insult to be used against a hated foe.[1]

Touman Structure[edit]

Current Galaxies[edit]

The touman listed below represents Clan Coyote's forces in 3085.[2][3][4]

Nu Galaxy (The Desert Survivors)[edit]

Nu Galaxy
Conu.png 3059-3067
92nd Fighter Wing
120th Strike Cluster
330th Solahma Attack Cluster
92nd Fighter Wing
202nd Battle Cluster
330th Solahma Attack Cluster
650th Reserve Strike Cluster

Zeta Galaxy (The Redeemers)[edit]

Zeta Galaxy
Cozeta.png 3059-3067
8th Recon Cluster
69th Strike Cluster
80th Strike Cluster
81st Strike Cluster
101st Reserve Battle Cluster
69th Strike Cluster
81st Strike Cluster
72nd Reserve Battle Cluster
900th Solahma Fighter Wing

Former Galaxies[edit]

Alpha Galaxy (Spirit of the Coyote)[edit]

Alpha Galaxy
Coalpha.png 3059
Golden Keshik
Silver Keshik
Brazen Keshik
38th Assault Cluster
72nd Reserve Battle Cluster
Golden Keshik (Guardians of the Prophecy)
Bronze Keshik (The True Vision)
38th Assault Cluster (The Faithful)
50th Assault Cluster (Creeping Death) - Moved from Epsilon Galaxy.[5]
72nd Reserve Battle Cluster (Guardians of the Pack)

Delta Galaxy (Heart of the Coyote)[edit]

Delta Galaxy
Codelta.png 3059
9th Strike Cluster
19th Battle Cluster
34th Strike Cluster
67th Assault Cluster
44th Reserve Battle Cluster
9th Strike Cluster (The Pack)
19th Battle Cluster (Long Fangs)
34th Strike Cluster (Rabid Coyotes)
67th Assault Cluster (The Devastators)
44th Reserve Battle Cluster (Hard Eights)

Epsilon Galaxy (The Stalking Coyotes)[edit]

Epsilon Galaxy
Coepsilon.png 3059
12th Battle Cluster
49th Battle Cluster
50th Assault Cluster
95th Strike Cluster
55th Reserve Strike Cluster
Silver Keshik (The Chosen)
Moved from Alpha Galaxy.[6]
12th Battle Cluster (Shadow Coyotes)
49th Battle Cluster (Midnight Assault)
95th Strike Cluster (Black Coyotes)
55th Reserve Strike Cluster (Double Nickel Demons)

Lambda Galaxy (The Armored Coyotes)[edit]

Lambda Galaxy
Colambda.png 3059
7th Assault Cluster
10th Battle Cluster
18th Assault Cluster
100th Assault Cluster
7th Assault Cluster (Carnage Incarnate)
10th Battle Cluster (Chaos Unleashed)
18th Assault Cluster (Coyote Grenadiers)
100th Assault Cluster (Bloody Hundredth)

Omicron Galaxy (Ancient Coyotes)[edit]

Omicron Galaxy
Coomicron.png 3059
98th Strike Cluster
246th Strike Cluster
990th Composite Battle
509th Solahma Battle Cluster
98th Strike Cluster (Rogue's Gallery)
246th Strike Cluster (The Coyote Irregulars)
990th Composite Battle Cluster (Best of Both Worlds)
509th Solahma Battle Cluster (The Centurions)

Rho Galaxy (Sentinel Coyotes)[edit]

Rho Galaxy
Corho.png 3059
58th Battle Cluster
202nd Attack Cluster
397th Solahma Battle Cluster
403rd Solahma Battle Cluster
58th Battle Cluster (Last Chance)
202nd Attack Cluster (The Partisans)
Note named 202nd Battle in FM:Updates. (Rename or error?)[7]
397th Solahma Battle Cluster (Point of No Return)
403rd Solahma Battle Cluster (The Legionnaires)

Naval Assets[edit]

Naval Reserve[edit]



Uniforms and Rank Insignia[edit]

Military Rank Insignia
Uniform Rank Insignia Point Rank Point Insignia
Point Commander Coyote-PointCommander.png Point 1 Coyote-Point1.png
Star Commander Coyote-StarCommander.png Point 2 Coyote-Point2.png
Nova Commander Coyote-NovaCommander.png Point 3 Coyote-Point3.png
Star Captain Coyote-StarCaptain.png Point 4 Coyote-Point4.png
Nova Captain Coyote-NovaCaptain.png Point 5 Coyote-Point5.png
Star Colonel Coyote-StarColonel.png
Galaxy Commander Coyote-GalaxyCommander.png
Khan Coyote-Khan.png


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