990th Composite Battle (Clan Coyote)

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Clan Coyote.jpg
990th Composite Battle Cluster
Unit Profile (as of 3067)
Nickname Best of Both Worlds
Parent Formation Omicron Galaxy


In 3067 the 990th Composite is stationed on New Kent.[1]


As of 3061 the commanding officer was Star Colonel Alain Starskiy.[2]

As of 3067 the units commanding officer was Star Colonel Irene.[1]


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Composition History[edit]


990th Composite Battle (2 Aerospace Binaries & 2 BattleMech Binaries/Regular/Questionable)[2]

  • CO: Star Colonel Alain Starskiy


990th Composite Battle (Regular/Questionable)[1]

  • CO: Star Colonel Irene


Regarded at the best Deep-Space combat unit in Clan Coyote.[2]


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