NARC Retrofit (CCG - MechWarrior)

Rarity: Common

NARC Retrofit
0+3T NARC Retrofit CCG MechWarrior.jpg
Command - Enhancement
Play NARC Retrofit only on a 'Mech with a base attack of at least 1. That 'Mech gets -1 attack and gains NARC (You may subtract 1 from each of your missile rolls if the missiles are assigned by a 'Mech in a group that includes at least one 'Mech with NARC.).

You may deploy NARC Retrofit revealed to make an additional deployment this turn.

Get me in close enough to slap a Narc pod on that target, and you can launch LRMs that just won't miss.
  — Subcommander Kim, Raven pilot.
0 / 0 Illus: Mark Poole
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