Nathan Armstrong

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Nathan L. Armstrong
Affiliation Eridani Light Horse
Brevet General

Brevet General Nathan L. Armstrong was commander-in-chief of the Eridani Light Horse in the final years of the Third Succession War.


Nathan Armstrong was the first "outsider" to command the entire Eridani Light Horse. Born into a poor family in the Lyran Commonwealth, he was orphaned in a Kurita raid. A Light Horse family adopted him, and he trained as a MechWarrior. Armstrong joined a reconnaissance lance at the age of 18, and displayed remarkable fighting ability.[1]

Prior to his appointment, Armstrong was the regimental commander of the 151st Light Horse Regiment.[2]

Armstrong succeeded Brevet General Kerston as commander of the Eridani Light Horse in 3023. One of his first acts was to organize the defense of the planet Hoff, which was targeted by Wolf's Dragoons on behalf of House Kurita.[3][4]


Nathan Armstrong piloted an Atlas in 3025.[5]

Titles and Position[edit]

Preceded by
Commander of the Eridani Light Horse

Succeeded by
William Erik Peterson


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