Niamh Sukhanov

Niamh Sukhanov
Affiliation Clan Snow Raven

Niamh Sukhanov (born 29?? - died ????) was saKhan of Clan Snow Raven during the Political Century. He would rise to the post of Khan after challenging Khan Liam Howell to a Trial of Grievance over the Diamond Shark scandal.[1][2]


Few details about the life and career of Niamh Sukhanov exist outside of his role as saKhan under Liam Howell. His actions demonstrate a scrupulous and honorable leader who sought to protect his Clan from the mad plotting of his Khan.[1]

Ravens in the Wake of the Diamond Shark[edit]

After Khan Liam Howell exposed his own role in the near-extinction of the Sea Fox of Strana Mechty's freshwater seas in front of the Grand Council, saKhan Sukhanov reacted strongly against him. After Khan Howell's tirade against Clan Sea Fox's Khan Damon Clarke and his desire to change Clan Sea Fox's name to that of the genetically engineered predator, saKhan Sukhanov challenged Howell to meet in a Circle of Equals in order to cleanse the dishonor of his actions.[1][2]

ENOUGH! Your sickening crimes defy belief! I challenge you to meet me in a Circle of Equals! Let us end this quickly, before your shame stains all of Clan Snow Raven!

--(Excerpt) SaKhan Niamh Sukhanov to Khan Liam Howell[2]

Sukhanov would go on to win this duel, killing the nefarious Khan Howell, and taking his place as Khan of Clan Snow Raven. On the surface, this duel was fought to preserve the honor of his Clan, but some have noted that it was possibly motivated by other reasons left unsaid. Indeed, the duel was likely fought because of the political ineptitude shown by Khan Howell in getting caught up in his own plots, something that the politically astute Snow Ravens abhorred in a leader of their Clan.[1][3]

Titles and Positions[edit]

Preceded by
Liam Howell[1]
Khan of Clan Snow Raven
298? - ????

Succeeded by
Preceded by
saKhan of Clan Snow Raven
29?? - 298?

Succeeded by


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