Pleiades (Individual WarShip)

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Type WarShip


There have been at least two distinct WarShips in service that have been named the Pleiades, each of which was in service with a different state.

History: FWLS Pleiades[edit]

The Pleiades was a WarShip in service with the Free Worlds League Military's naval arm during the early Succession Wars as the FWLS Pleiades. Alongside the FWLS Arcturus, the Pleiades was one of the last two remaining WarShips serving in the League's Succession War era navy before both were ultimately lost during the early years of the Second Succession War. [1]

History: TCS Pleiades[edit]

In April 2765 the flagship of the commanding officer of the navy of the Taurian Concordat, Marshal Amber Lynn Dyness, was the TCS Pleiades.[2] Marshal Dyness was ninety-four years old at the time, and she and the Pleiades were a common sight at the Vandenberg Shipyards, which were located in orbit above the ninth planet in the New Vandenberg system, a gas giant named Lompoc. In addition to being a functioning shipard the Vandenberg Shipyards were also home to a Taurian Naval Institute training station, and the Pleiades both resupplied at the shipyards and oversaw training activities.[3]

The class of the TCS Pleiades is unknown, but based upon the various WarShip classes in service with the Taurian navy at the time, the Pleiades was either a Lola II-class destroyer, Dart-class light cruiser, Pinto-class corvette, Vincent Mk. 39-class corvette or Concordat-class frigate.[2] A single Wagon Wheel-class frigate was also in service with the Taurian navy at the time,[2] but that frigate has been confirmed to be the TCS Merope.[4]


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