Richard Calderon (31st c.)

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Richard Calderon
Affiliation House Calderon
Parents Felix Calderon (father)

Character History[edit]

Little is known about Richard Calderon. He was the son of Felix Calderon and grandson of Thomas Calderon. He was born on the outpost world beyond the limits of known Concordat space his father chose as exile. Richard left that unknown world in the company of Lorelei Centrella sometime after his uncle Jeffrey Calderon's death. Their stated intent was to provide the Concordat with an alternative heir to Lord Grover Shraplen. They were both killed in a pirate attack before reaching Concordat space. [1]

It is not known exactly how old Richard was, but his birth had to occur after 3042 the year his unmarried, childless father chose exile over the Protectorship. There is no information to state Richard was an only child or if even his father had died.


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