Seahorse Cargo Sub
Production information
Manufacturer Galtor Naval Yards
Use Underwater Cargo Vessel
Tech Base Inner Sphere (standard)
Non-Tournment Legal
Chassis Type (Size) Naval Vessel
(Medium, Template A)
Equipment Rating
Cost  ???
Introduced Star League Era
Technical specifications
Mass 250 tons
Speed 6
Top Speed 6
Power Plant ICE
Fuel (Type/Range) (Petrochemical/5,047 km)
Armament 2 x LR Torpedo 10
Heat Sinks None
Armor Standard Armor
Crew 2 officers
4 enlisted/non-rated
4 gunners
BV (1.0)  ???
BV (2.0)  ???


The Seahorse is a medium size Civilian cargo submarine which was first produced during the Golden Age of the First Star League by Galtor Naval Yards. These ships were utilized to provide supplies for underwater facilities, such as factories, farms, and habitats.

The ship's production continued for centuries on New Ivaarsen, however changes were made. Due to the hostilities of the Succession Wars, the latest version produced by GNY is armed with light torpedoes to give its operators some means of protection. The ship's performance is limited to 12 hours of submergence time, due to its Internal Combustion Engine.

Being on surface with one of these submarines during perilous times can be nerve wracking for its captains, before being submerged and heading for a safe haven. Its only real protection, its hull is protected by BAR 7 Rating worth of Armor.

During the Jihad Seahorse production was increased to get more escort craft into the oceans of the Draconis March. Though it was inefficient in this role, its low cost more than compensated for the drawbacks.[1]


The ship is armed with a pair of 10-tubed Long-Range Torpedo launchers, one per broadside of the vessel. The ship has been given two tons of ammunition for these launchers. The ship has a Basic Fire Control to guide these weapons. The fire control for the ship has been scrutinized due to its less than accurate nature. In many cases, owners have removed them for more cargo capacity, while retaining the weapon ports to help ward off would-be raiders.[2][3]


The Submarine is capable of handling up to 84.5 tons of cargo. It had cargo doors in the front, left, and right side of the vessel.


  • Seahorse Cargo Submarine (Unarmed) - Not a production variant, but a custom refit of removal of the ship's weapons while retaining the weapon ports. This is to maximize the ship's cargo capacity.


The ship features; Submarine Chassis and Control Modifications, two lifeboats, and six passenger seats.

Record Sheets for this and the refit variant have yet to be published.

Comparable Vessels[edit]


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