Galtor Naval Yards

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Galtor Naval Yards
Company Logo

Company Logo
Company Information
Interstellar Company No
Primary Site(s) Galtor III
New Ivaarsen
Primary Products Naval Vessels

Galtor Naval Yards is the only major industrial concern on Galtor.[1]


Though Galtor changed hands several times during the Third and Fourth Succession War[1], during the Jihad, the facility on Galtor III suffered no capital and personnel losses, and the operating capacity of the factory was at 100% in 3079.[2]


Galtor Naval Yards has manufacturing centers on the following planets:

Galtor III[edit]

Components produced on Galtor III:[3][4][5]
Component Type
Naval Vessel
Neptune Submarine[3][4][5][6] Naval Vessels
Neptune Hyper[6] Naval Vessels
Civilian Cargo Submarines[4] Naval Vessels
Doorman 270 Naval HyPerOx Neptune[3][5]
Armor - BattleMechs & Vehicles
SeaSlab-14.5 Neptune[3][5]
Communications System
Lynx-Shur Neptune[3][5]
Targeting-Tracking System
Sonar Sync Tracker Neptune[3][5]
Large Laser
Naval Sutel XII Neptune[5]

New Ivaarsen[edit]

Components produced on New Ivaarsen:[7]
Component Type
Naval Vessel
Seahorse[7] Naval Vessels


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