Shelby Foote

Shelby Foote
Vessel Profile
Type Small Craft
Class (unspecified)

Described simply as a "shuttle", the Shelby Foote was a Small Craft of unspecified type. Piloted by one technician Gaunt of Clan Ice Hellion and under the command of one Point Commander Darrow, it traveled the Norfolk Boneyard (Exodus Fleet Station Five) in the Strana Mechty system on 22 December 2824, visiting numerous jump capable ships there (including the General Stuart) and reprogramming their computers with a virus that would purge certain systems (including Barbados) and the Exodus Road from the Clans' navigational databases, dividing the map of the Exodus Road into smaller pieces that would then be trusted to individual Clans, to ensure that no Clan could henceforth travel the Exodus Road without the consent (and map pieces) of all other Clans.[1]


  • In BattleTech, the term "shuttle" seems to be reserved for Small Craft and the Shelby Foote is thus assumed to be one.
  • Author Blaine Lee Pardoe has written extensively about the American Civil War, and has been known to frequently insert references to the Civil War into his works. The Shelby Foote, featuring in a story that was published in 2006, was apparently named for real-world historian Shelby Foote, who rose to prominence with a work on the Americal Civil War and passed away in 2005. Another nod to the Civil War era seems to be the WarShip named General Stuart.


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