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Silver Sunburst Pilot (CCG - Unlimited)

Rarity: Rare

Silver Sunburst Pilot
0+2T Silver Sunburst Pilot CCG Unlimited.jpg
Command - Pilot - Davion - Inner Sphere
Pilot +1 initiative

Roll a die: 1-3, 'Mech piloted by Silver Sunburst Pilot gets +(1-3) attack; 4-6, no effect. Use this ability only during a mission.

Is the Sunburst for bravery? Sure, though I got mine cuz I was dumb enough to act and too mean to die.
  — Hauptmann Lisa Quiona, 2nd Vulcan Armored Brigade, Vulcan, 9 Sep 3050
0 / 0 Illus: Randy Gallegos
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