Simone di Martino

Simone di Martino (b. ???? – d. ????) was a brigade commander in the Star League Defense Force during the Reunification War.


At the beginning of Operation UNION HOLD, the Star League invasion of the Outworlds Alliance in 2581, Simone di Martino was a Lieutenant General in the Star League Defense Force, and was the Commanding Officer of the 44th Brigade. The 44th was one of three brigades within the 15th Division, V Corps, which was in turn one of two SLDF corps assigned to the conquest of the Alliance.[1]

During the first wave of attacks on the Alliance di Martino was ordered to conquer the agricultural world of Schirmeck; the defenders consisted of a handful of operational tanks and a few hundred infantry, and di Martino ordered that the 44th use extreme discretion to limit casualties on both sides. The conquest of Schirmeck took less than an hour, and had possibly the lowest body count of any conquest in the 5-year campaign to conquer the Alliance. As a result of di Martino's orders the population of Schirmeck formed good relations with the Star League[1]


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