Snake Stompers

Snake Stompers
Unit Profile (as of 3023)

The Snake Stompers were a mercenary unit with a noted hate for House Kurita. Most if not all members had lost family or sought revenge against Kurita for similar reasons. Joining the unit entailed a "Death to Kurita!" oath.[1]


As of 3023, the Snake Stompers were stationed in the Quentin system, with an estimated (by WolfNet) battalion on Quentin III and another two on Quentin IV. At the time, they were considered veterans on a long-term border contract. When Wolf's Dragoons raided Quentin IV in mid-3023, working for House Kurita, a detachment of Snake Stomper BattleMechs ambushed a Dragoon force in the Fire Rift region and—unbeknownst to them—came close to killing Jaime Wolf personally, after his Archer had tried to cross a lava flow and broken through the crust. Minobu Tetsuhara and Dechan Fraser together fought off the light Snake Stomper 'Mechs in the area and rescued Colonel Wolf.[2]

The defending mercenaries, which also included the White Witches and the Hard Riders, disagreed with the local militia command and the Snake Stompers repeatedly ignored or acted against orders. Over the course of the fighting, the Snake Stompers took considerable losses in excess of two companies of 'Mechs.


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