White Witches

White Witches
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Armor Yes

The White Witches were a mercenary unit of unknown size and composition. Their crest was described as a naked, white-haired sorceress[1] in blue and white colors.[2]


Succession Wars Era[edit]

In mid-3023 they were part of the defenders of Port Gailfry on Quentin IV in the Federated Suns when Wolf's Dragoons invaded the world for the Draconis Combine. During the fighting, a 'Mech force from the White Witches punched through a Dragoon screen around Port Gailfry to reinforce hard-pressed Federated Suns defenders elsewhere, forcing the Dragoons to adapt their battle plan.[3]

Three years later, in October of 3026, the Dragoons and White Witches clashed again. This time, Wolf's Dragoons were attacking Barlow's End together with the Ryuken training cadre. What the Dragoons didn't initially know was that the White Witches were operating in conjunction with the elite Eridani Light Horse. The defenders gave a good accounting of themselves and succeeded in stopping the attackers from escaping with the raid's objective, a jump stabilizer prototype. The Dragoons destroyed the prototype when they could not retrieve it. During the fighting, a pale blue Zeus spearheaded the White Witches (or at least one battle formation). Several (destroyed) tanks bearing the White Witches' crest were seen smoking on the field at one point, indicating the unit fielded not only BattleMechs but also armor.[4]

The future exploits of the White Witches are unknown, but the unit apparently ceased to exist around the time of the Clan Invasion: As of 3139 it was observed that there hadn't been White Witches in ninety years, and that the White Witches had been "chewed up" in one of the forgotten skirmishes of the Fourth Succession War.[2]

Dark Age Era[edit]

In 3139, however, the White Witches had been reconstituted as a three-battalion mercenary regiment[5] supporting the Davion militia on Thestria—again against Wolf's Dragoons, who were working for the Draconis Combine again.[2]



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