Special Asteroid Support Force

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The Special Asteroid Suppport Force or SASF is a special defensive unit unique to the Taurian Concordat

Special Asteroid Support Force
Unit Profile (as of 3085)
Nickname SASF
Parent Formation Taurian Special Forces
Formed Pre-Star League

Flannagan's Nebulea in the Hyades Cluster is a cloud of gas, dust and asteroids that surrounds the planet of Taurus, capital of the Taurian Concordat. With the establishment of the Taurian Concordat a decision was made to enhance the defensive capabilities inherent in this natural feature. With that in mind the Taurian government established a special forces unit, the Special Asteroid Support Force or SASF, to man the bases and defensive platforms that are found throughout the Nebulea's extensive asteroid field.


Established with the inception of the Taurian Concordat, the Special Asteroid Support Force or SASF is one of the oldest and worst kept secrets of the Taurian Defense Force[1]. The SASF is a five thousand strong all volunteer force of soldiery and naval personnel that are permanently assigned to the capital world surrounding asteroid fields [2]. Viewed by many Taurians as the last defensive line between the Concordat and the hostile forces beyond their borders the SASF has only failed once in its long and storied history, and it took the combined might of the Inner Sphere to conquer it during the Reunification War. Though the survival potential for troops in the SASF is low it does not seem to affect this dedicated all volunteer force.[3]


The Taurians have an established expertise in Zero-G construction[4] and have leveraged this technology to build a series of defensive and assault platforms, supply caches and bases throughout the Flannagan's Nebulea asteroid fields. The SASF man these facilities and, with the support of the Taurian Guards Corps Regiments who also have asteroid based facilities, form the last bastion of defense for the Taurian core worlds in the Hyades Cluster.[5]

The SASF is one of the most highly trained, motivated and fanatically loyal forces in the TDF.[6] Though they do not have extensive combat experience, the troopers of the SASF have extensive training in Zero-G and vacuum combat doctrines and in the utilization of their assigned technologies.[1]

The core of their defensive capabilities are the numerous AeroSpace bases and the Zero-G defense and assault platforms that are armed with both missile and laser emplacements.[5] In addition to the assault platforms and Aerospace facilities there are numerous supply caches and operations bases that are built on the bigger asteroids and moonlets throughout the nebulea.[1]. With their training and their organizational structure the SASF are adept at asymetrical warfare, utilizing hit and fade tactics that are capable of crippling even the greatest of Warships available to any antagonistic power intent on invasion.[7]

The SASF Marines are also trained as heavy infantry for defense of their bases and facilities throughout the Nebulea. They are equipped with XCT Marine Exoskeletal Armor,[1], a technological outgrowth of the Zero-G Exoskeleton construction suits utilized throughout the Concordat. This armor is the most advanced vacuum/Zero-G exoskeletal armor found outside of the Clans [8] The typical SASF Marine is armed with the Mark XX Laser Rifle and utilizes a Vibroblade as a backup/close assault weapon. This trooper is adept at both ranged and hand to hand combat in a vacuum micro gravity environment. The bases themselves are fortresses dug into the larger asteroids and moonlets, designed with heavy defensive structures to make any invading force pay heavily.[1]

The Taurian myth of the impenetrability of the Nebulea does not lessen the dangers of this barrier to attacking forces.[5] Though invaders may avoid the inherent navigation hazards by entering from above the eliptic, forces that wish to have aerospace superiority must address the asteroid fields least the defenders attack from their many hidden and fortified bases. This, combined with the well trained and fanatical SASF forces, is the Taurian's truest defense against invasion and conquest by hostile forces.


The SASF Marine force is typically organized at the Platoon level, with three 10 man squads to each Platoon.

Each trooper is typically equipped with the following:[1]


The SASF Marine excels in Vacuum and Microgravity tactical doctrine and is adept at hand-to-hand, ranged personal combat and the use of the extensive defensive and assault space platforms that have been built throughout the nebulae. They are extensively trained in all applicable technologies and are able to move from one form of attack or defense to another as needs dictate. Masters of asymetrical warfare they often utilize hit and fade tactics that are capable of disabling any ship that attempts to invade their space, even warships.[2] Fanatical in their devotion to the Taurian Concordat, SASF troopers will fight to the last man to defend their bases and Taurian space.[6]

Alpha Strike[edit]

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