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Among the best officer candidate schools in the Inner Sphere, the St. Ives Academy of Martial Sciences was the premier military academy of the St. Ives Compact and St. Ives Commonality.


Originally the Confederation's St. Ives Martial Academy, the campus was closed in 3030 after the succession of the St. Ives Compact in the wake of the Fourth Succession War. Rebuilt with aid from the AFFC and former faculty members from the vaunted New Avalon Institute of Science, the St. Ives Science Institute and attached SIAMS were re-opened in 3036.

Historically while both the SISI or SIAMS were open to all Compact citizens received first priority for any places, with many prospective foreign students were turned away, save for small percentage of exchange students from academies and universities in the Federated Commonwealth. This policy understandably ceased after the end of the Capellan-St. Ives War, with admission limited solely to Capellan citizens.[1]

The St. Ives Academy of Martial Sciences maintains a training cadre. Students can focus on BattleMechs, AeroSpace, Combat Vehicle operations, armored infantry and unarmored infantry. The SIAMS also offers Officer's Candidate School for promising students.[2]

As with much of St. Ives, SIAMS suffered extensive damage during the Word of Blake Jihad, with the Blakist attack against the world in 3070 inflicting significant damage to the campus itself as well as annihilating its training battalion. However by 3079 the academy had completed repairs to its building, though like all Capellan academies reconsituting its training battalion lagged due to lack of suitable cadets. [3]

By 3085 the ongoing success of the SIAMS and its graduates while other academies still struggled to resume a slower pre-Jihad pace earned increasing favor among the Strategios, a far cry from the fear of seditionists after its return to the Confederation in the 3060s. Even its training battalion by this stage suffered more material shortages as the CCAF rebuilds rather than lack of personnel.[4]

In 3145 the St. Ives Academy turned out soldiers who were easily the equal of any other Capellan training academy. Despite this, the creation of the Fraternal Order of the Pale Rider resulted in a heavy Maskirovka presence at the school. This secret club was formed as a response to perceived excesses of Daoshen Liao. Despite the Maskirovka's best efforts, the secret society's influence began to expand beyond the Academy.[5]


Thanks to the academy's attachment to SISI, with many cadets attending many of the same classes and civilian students in all but the third and final trimester, the SIAMS has a generally relaxed atmosphere, on the surface at least. Between the demanding nature of the curriculum, large volume of applications and after the Civil War, renewed CCAF and Maskirovka oversight, all result in a well-disciplined student body. It takes three years of a normal tour of study for graduation, all successful graduates receive a degree and the rank of Lieutenant in the SIMC or CCAF. [1]

Special Notes[edit]

Thanks to the SIAMS alumni serving in almost every high-profile position in the SIMC, SIAMS graduates often find themselves in an unofficial "gold-old-boy network".[1]


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