Star Drifter

Star Drifter
Vessel Profile
Type JumpShip


The Star Drifter was a JumpShip in service with the Spina Khanate of Clan Sea Fox as the CSF Star Drifter during the thirty-second century. As the Capellan Confederation was conducting Operation CELESTIAL REWARD the harassment of Spina Khanate vessels was becoming increasingly common in an attempt to obtain war materiel, and the Spina Khanate saKhan had taken steps to protect affiliated vessels as a result.[1]

When the CNS Míng Liàng - a Lung Wang P2-class DropShip in service with the Capellan Confederation Armed Forces - attempted to harass the Star Drifter an escort ship - the Nagasawa-class DropShip CSF Irolita - placed itself between the Míng Liàng and the Star Drifter. The Irolita was outmassed and outgunned by the Míng Liàng, but issued a challenge regardless; while the Míng Liàng's AeroSpace Fighters attacked the Irolita, the Irolita in turn evaded the sub-capital weapons mounted by the Míng Liàng and swiftly disabled her maneuvering drive.[1]

With the Míng Liàng unable to maneuvre, the Irolita was free to engage and destroy her AeroSpace Fighters. The captain of the Irolita then claimed the Míng Liàng as isorla, and the Star Drifter and her accompanying ships promptly left the system before other Capellan forces could respond.[1]


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