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SF-1X Starfire
Production information
Manufacturer Banzai Weapons Design Company
Production Year 3028[1]
Model SF-1X
Class Medium
Tech Base Inner Sphere
Technical specifications
Mass 55 tons
Structural Integrity 7
Frame NAIS MXA/22
Power Plant CoreTech 275
Armor NAIS Special-X Ferro-Fibrous

1 x Ultra AC/5
4 x Medium Lasers
1 x Small Laser

Communications System Wunderland Fighter Series 60
Tracking & Targeting System Wunderland Raptores 2
Heat Sinks 20
BV (1.0) 995 [2]


The Starfire was a New Avalon Institute of Science-developed Aerospace Fighter intended as a testbed for recovered LosTech.

Scrambling to be the first Successor State to field the advanced Star League era technology discovered in the Helm Memory Core, the NAIS and the closely linked Banzai Weapon Design Company immediately began working on prototype proof of concept designs to gain a better understanding of the new technology and how best to employ it. While only a handful of the craft were constructed, the Starfire assisted the Federated Suns to more quickly and safely employ the advanced systems than its neighbors.

It's flying-wing chassis was heavily influenced by the specifications for the advanced SLDF Hellcat II, the heavier Starfire mounted more advanced Ferro-Aluminum armor but the NAIS's inability to then mass produce the advanced material restricted to only seven tons of coverage. The base model carried only twenty standard Heat Sinks. [3]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

The Starfire's baseline model carried an advanced General Motors PTAA Ultra Autocannon/5 prototype in its nose, supported by more common laser array, a pair of Martell Medium Lasers in each wing and a aft mounted ExoStar Small Laser. [3] A single ton of reloads for the ammo hungry Ultra Autocannon was considered more than adequate for a non-combat test craft. [2]


As a test bed for LosTech equipment, the designers attempted to develop semi-modular weapons port to aid testing, but were ultimately unsuccessful and were forced to return to drawing board to rebuild the fighter for each new system. Field refits of Starfire included variants with still experimental LB 10-X Autocannon, ER Large Laser, Star League style Double Heat Sinks or Artemis IV FCS and Narc Missile Beacon enhanced missile launchers. [3]

  • Limited Production Model 
    In the mid-3040's it appears that the Starfire entered limited production. These models were widely used by the NAIS Cadet Cadre. These were equipped with Prototype Ultra AC/5s. Several of the Cadet Cadre's Starfires were seen in combat against the Word of Blake during the Jihad.[4]

Design Quirks[edit]

The SF-1X Starfire variant is subject to the following Design Quirks:[4]


As of this writing there is no published BV2 for the SF-1X Starfire. Also, there no published information on the limited production Starfire nor record sheet or if it differs from the original. Master Unit List for the Starfire does not include BV but does have the vehicle's introduction date and Alpha Strike Data Card.


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