The Color of the Sky

The Color of the Sky
Product information
Type Short story (3 parts)
Author Steven Mohan Jr.
Pages 54
Publication information
Publisher BattleCorps
First published 22—28 July 2008
Era Succession Wars era
Timeline 26 May—16 June 3014

The Color of the Sky is a short story by Steven Mohan Jr. that was published online on BattleCorps in three parts.

Plot summary[edit]

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Part 1[edit]

published 22 July 2008
It is a time, when a working actuator was worth its weight in Germanium. A simple man, in a small militia, seeing the coming of a great storm, must decide if he will steer into that storm or run before it. Run before the howling of the storm.

Part 2[edit]

published 25 July 2008
Perception and reality are not always friends. Where one expects treachery, honor. Where honor is expected, treachery. Life hangs in the balance, and armor comes in the least likely of forms.

Part 3[edit]

published 28 July 2008
The battle for Nova Roma was over, Anton Marik had allied with the devil in blue and forced a surrender of the world. The only thing is, not everyone was prepared to let the battle be over.