Trial of Cleansing

A Trial of Cleansing was the term given to the Trials faced by Clan Coyote after being subdued by Clan Steel Viper in 3074.[1]

Overview and Description[edit]

Due to the fact that many within the Coyote's ranks had resisted the corruption and taint of the Society, ilKhan Brett Andrews was not inclined to simply Annihilate all of those who survived until the end. Just as the Khan of Clan Star Adder, Stanislov N'Buta, had created Clan Stone Lion, he would allow the worthy survivors to live and continue as Clan Coyote. This would not be without stipulations: the Clan Coyote warrior caste was ordered to carry out an Annihilation of their entire scientist caste. This was often done on a personal level, with Coyote warriors sweeping through the scientific enclaves and executing the scientists by small arms, though in larger cases, entire enclaves were obliterated by bombardment.[1][2]

After this, the Grand Council ruled that Trials of Cleansing should begin at once for the Coyotes on Tamaron. A Trial of Refusal was fought against the ruling by Coyote Galaxy Commander Noemi McKibben, but to no avail. Warriors who actively and openly challenged the corruption of Clan Coyote were deemed clean. Warriors who sided with the Society were immediately Reaved. Those whose roles were unclear were forced to face a warrior deemed cleansed in a Trial of the cleansed warrior's choosing. If the cleansed warrior was victorious, the warrior in question was judged to be tainted and therefore subject to a Trial of Reaving. But if the warrior on Trial could best the cleansed warrior, then he would also be judged as clean. Losses for a Cleansed warrior did not reflect on their honor, though often a demotion of rank was applied. By the time the Trials of Cleansing were complete, Clan Coyote had lost approximately 55% of their remaining strength.[1][3]


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