Tristram's Terrorists

Tristram's Terrorists
Unit Profile (as of 3014)
CO unknown
JumpShips unknown
DropShips unknown
Aerospace unknown
Armor unknown
Infantry unknown


Tristram's Terrorists was a mixed-arms mercenary unit in the employ of the Federated Suns. Together with fellow mercenary unit Kingston's Commandos, a BattleMech Regiment, they were sent to raid the Capellan Confederation world of St. Ives in 3014. Although both units showed considerable bravery and intelligence, the hard-pressed local defenders (St. Ives Armored Cavalry) held up long enough for Capellan reinforcements to arrive in the form of Warrior Houses Kamata and LuSann, who then utterly destroyed the invaders.

The year 3014 is given in the House Davion sourcebook. The House Liao sourcebook claims this battle took place in 3019, but continues with reports of subsequent events in 3015, suggesting an error and that 3014 is the correct year.

Despite the defeat, at least some of the mercenaries managed to return and claim a large bonus for their achievements.

In 3022, Tristram's Terrorists were stationed on Tawas when elements of McCarron's Armored Cavalry hit the world and defeated them.

Nothing was heard of Tristram's Terrorists since, so it must be assumed that the unit was destroyed on Tawas or disbanded.