Tyra Miraborg Memorial Academy

Named for the heroic AeroSpace Fighter pilot who killed ilKhan Leo Showers during the Clan Invasion, the Tyra Miraborg Memorial Academy was the Free Rasalhague Republic's premier post-Clan Invasion military academy.[1]


Responding to the lost of the Radstadt Academy during the invasion, the Republic allocated funds in 3054 to open two new KungsArmé military academies, the armor and infantry focused Frihet Training Facility and Tyra Miraborg Memoral. Opened in 3056, TMM has had full classes ever year since then, receiving more applicants than available spaces.[1]


While the usual inter-service rivalries exists, TMM cadets show each other a large degree of respect, borne of knowledge that all will depend upon their comrades' skills if the Clans were to strike on-mass again. It is not unusual that hated rivals as cadets become great friends after graduation.[1]

One curious possible subversive note is the TMM's most notable instructor, General Tor Miraborg, ex-commander of the captured Radstadt Province and father of the famed Tyra. Miraborg's classes are always full, despite his opposition to many of Överbefälhavare Christian Månsdottir's policies. [1]


All TMM cadets under go three months in a training camp, where they learn military discipline and undergo military training. The TMM offers several MOS choices:[1]

AerosSpace Fighter[edit]

As if to honor its namesake, the TMM is best known for the high quality of its Aerospace program.[1]


TMM naval program is highly regarded, turning out top-notch DropShip crews.[1]


While seen as something of a lesser cousin to its aerospace and naval programs, the TMM is the Republic's sole BattleMech training program.[1]


The TMM runs programs for several technician fields.[1]

Officer School[edit]

Open to both existing KungsArmé troops and the academy's highest-scoring graduates, the TMM runs several small Officer Candidacy Schools after further instruction they graduate as Löjtnants.[1]


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