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Campaign Notes[edit]

This is a campaign I'm running using a collection of resources from here (, MegaMek ( and MekHQ ( Having experiemented with A Time of War, I've choosen to develop a Fate Core (download) based variant modelled on the idea from a time of war.


The central idea for this campaign and whay I hope to achieve.

A Home World[edit]

it will need to be near the edge of the perphiry to allow pirary, in contact with the Marian Hegemony and the Free Worlds League for larger battlemech battles, some adventures and a political backdrop.

Currently the choices for this are;


The time line starts in 3047 a few years before the Clasn invasion, and have the players survive until the Battle of Tukayyid in May of 3052. As the GM it's going to be challenging to find a series of battles where the players can win a few tactical exchanges while loosing the overall planetary battle without becoming captured.

The Build up[edit]

The first phase of this campaign is to help the players develop their skills with the battletech board game.

Securing a home[edit]

Facing the Clans[edit]

Returning Home[edit]


Word of Blake[edit]

the fall of Terra[edit]

Operation Odysseus

The rise of the Blake Protectorate[edit]

Word of Blake Protectorate