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I have been enjoying the BattleTech universe since the around 1990. I own the sorely outdated Brian's Cache website and am an administrator over at Lords of the Battlefield. This wiki has been incredibly useful for me for years now and it is about time that I contribute. Though I'm not much on writing articles, I will be focused mainly on cleaning up what is here (grammar and format) and uploading new or higher resolution picture replacements. My BattleTech library is extensive so if you have any requests, let me know and I'll see what I can do. --Cache (talk) 08:29, 26 October 2014 (PDT)Cache

Image Upgrade Projects[edit]

Technical Readout: 2750 (complete)
Technical Readout: 3025/Revised (ASFs in work)
Technical Readout: 3026
Technical Readout: 3039
Technical Readout: 3050/Revised
Technical Readout: 3055/Revised/Upgrade(ASFs INW)
Technical Readout: 3057/Revised
Technical_Readout: 3058/Upgrade
Technical Readout: 3060
Technical Readout: 3067, including cover art and info on CGL reprint (complete)
Technical Readout: Project Phoenix (complete)
Technical Readout: 3075 (Inner Sphere & Clan BA C/W)
Era Digest: Golden Century (complete)

  • Review Field Manuals, scenario books, etc. for original appearances of 'Mechs.
  • Fill out image summary info for Mercenary's Handbook Gallery
  • Galleries (category) in general.
  • Revise formatting of ToC's as encountered to more closely match their respective sources. e.g. TRO2750 and FM:FedSuns


  • Gallery of New Files-- Special:NewFiles
  • Not used often but still useful templates
Template:Deletion (Move files rather than deleting old when uploading new file types.)