Voidseeker Striker

Voidseeker Striker.jpg
Voidseeker Striker
Production information
Manufacturer Terran Hegemony
Production Year 2763[1]
Model MK. 39-007[2]
Class Heavy
Tech Base Star League Experimental Technology[2]
Cost N/A[1]
Technical specifications
Mass 75[2]
Structural Integrity 7[2]
Frame N/A[2]
Power Plant 300 XL[2]
Fuel 480[2]

3x ER Large Laser[2]
1x LRM-15 w/Artemis IV FCS[2]
1x Medium Pulse Laser[2]

Communications System N/A
Tracking & Targeting System N/A[2]
Heat Sinks 21 Double Heat Sinks[2]
BV (2.0) 1,814[2][1]


A member of the Voidseeker family, the Voidseeker Striker is fifteen tons heavier than its lighter cousin. Most of this space is given over to additional armor and weaponry. The twenty-one double heat sinks allow the Voidseeker Striker to continually fire its weapons. As part of an SDS the Voidseeker Striker acts as an anti-DropShip unit. The 300 XL engine provides enough power to drive the craft at speeds comparable to other heavy fighters, but the Voidseeker Interceptor can still outfly it. The Shielded Aerospace Smart Robotic Control System that controls the figher allows it to perform at a level equal to the SLDF's best pilots. The advanced control system also provides the Voidseeker Striker with electronic sheilding equivalent to a Guardian ECM Suite. This interferes with enemy targeting system, making the Voidseeker Striker much harder to hit. The Voidseeker Striker carries six tons of fuel, allowing it to remain on station for a long time. Thirteen tons of armor protects the Voidseeker Striker from enemy fire.[2]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

Designed to combat enemy DropShips, the Voidseeker Striker is equipped with a trio of ER Large Lasers. These are supplemented by a single LRM-15 rack enhanced with an Artemis IV Fire Control System. To cover the aft arc, the Voidseeker Striker carries a single Medium Pulse Laser.[2]


The Voidseeker Striker doesn't have any direct variants, but it does share its engine, airframe, and control system with the Voidseeker Interceptor.[2]


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