Wayland Mobile Base

Wayland Mobile Base
Production information
Manufacturer Bergan Industries
Use Field Repairs
Tech Base Inner Sphere
Chassis Type (Size) Tracked (Large)
Equipment Rating
Introduced 2541
Technical specifications
Mass 150
Speed 32 kph
Top Speed 54 kph
Power Plant LTV Industrial Fusion
Fuel (Type/Range)
Communications System Garret Type 3
Targeting Tracking System OP/911
Armament 4 x Medium Lasers
Heat Sinks 12
Armor Bergan Commercial Plate
BV (2.0) 953[1]


Designed for the Terran Hegemony, the Wayland Mobile Base was a militarized support vehicle used for the repair of combat units in the field. Produced from 2541, the Wayland was the product of Bergan Industries of New Earth to fulfill Hegemony Armed Forces needs for maintaining its forces far from home bases. The vehicle would continue to serve with the Star League Defense Force and other Star League states until they were retired 2715. As time moved on, no example of the Wayland would survive the onslaught of the First Succession War.[2]

Armament & Capacities[edit]

Designed as a mobile gantry, the vehicle provided the HAF with a maintenance support unit that could fend off minor enemy forces should they infiltrate into friendly back areas. The vehicle's only weaponry is its four Martell Medium Lasers (guided by an Advanced Fire Control system), which are mounted in a turret. To protect the repair crew, Bergan armored the vehicle with 12.5 tons of BAR 7 rated commercial armor.

For its principal function, the vehicle is equipped with a 20 ton equipment to repair and maintain units in the field.[3]


The Wayland has a 11 ton Standard Cargo capacity, with a rear access door.


The Wayland's Equipment rated is D/C-E-X/E.

As of this writing, there is no published record sheet for the Wayland Mobile Base.


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