Zahn Heavy Transport
Production information
Manufacturer Ceres Metals Industries
Production Year 3108
Mission Infantry Transport
Military Cargo Transport
Infantry Fire-Support
Artillery Spotter
Type Wheeled
Technical specifications
Mass 65
Armor Durallex Heavy Ferro-Fibrous
Engine Ceres Motors 305 Fuel Cell
Speed 86 km/h
Communications System CeresCom Model 74-N
Targeting Tracking System Ceres/Maladev 5 with TAG
Heat Sinks 1

1x MML 7
2x Vehicle Flamers

BV (2.0) 792[1][2][3]


The Zahn Heavy Transport is an early thirty-second century wheeled Infantry Transport developed for the Capellan Confederation's and Magistracy of Canopus's armed forces. Designed to be able to convey large number of infantry forces and cargo to the battlefield, the Zahn is equipped with heavy armor and adequate weaponry fend off light attackers.

The vehicle would gain reputation due to its use on a raid on Liao in 3111 by Capellan troops, this raid would later be called the "Night of Screams". The vehicle would be used to terrorize and kill civilians during the attack, causing the Republic of the Sphere to form hunter-killer groups called "devil hunters" to literally hunt down vehicles and crews for their actions.[4]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

Designed by Ceres Metals Industries' engineers to safely transport infantry troops in comfort, the Zahn was given over ten tons of Durallex Heavy Ferro-Fibrous armor to protect it cargo and crews. Vehicle is designed to carry 8 tons worth of troops in its Infantry Compartment, while the compartment can be used to convey cargo.

The vehicle's weaponry is split between its twin Turrets. Its forward turret houses the vehicle's often feared Ceres Fire Flower Conventional Flamers which has forty rounds worth literally fire. The Zahn's rear turret houses the singular Doombud 7-Tube Multi-Missile Launcher and a TAG designator. The launcher comes with three tons worth of missiles which its crews can choose various Short and Long-Range types.[5]


The Zahn Heavy Transport has subjected to the following Design Quirk.


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