3rd Filtvelt Citizen's Militia

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Third Filtvelt Citizen's Militia
Formed 3075
Nickname Third Filtvelt Defenders
Affiliation Filtvelt Coalition
Parent Command Filtvelt Citizen's Militia



The third of the units within the Filtvelt Citizen's Militia to form up, the Third Filtvelt Citizen's Militia - also known as the Third Filtvelt Defenders[1] - were rushed into service in the fourth quarter of 3075, after the coup that placed the leader of the pirate Death's Consorts, Gary Tiqualme, in place as ruler of the Malagrotta Cooperative, a state that had broken away from the Federated Suns in the Jihad, as the Filtvelt Coalition had. With the border with the Cooperative closed to Cooperative traffic rumors had the Third Defenders deploying to Jaboatao or Redondo.[2]

By 3079 the Third was still relatively inexperienced; although it had been subjected to incessant raids launched by aggressive pirate bands, it hadn't faced a true challenge. If anything, the Third had been savaged more often by pirates than the other two units of the Citizen's Militia, as if the pirates were specifically launching attacks on the Third in preference to attacking either of the other Militia units or the Thumpers. While the Third wouldn't have been much of a challenge to a true invasion force at this point in time, the soldiers of the Third were dedicated to defending their nations and homes, and while others might have regarded the Third as little more than talented amateurs, those same amateurs were highly determined and dedicated.[3]

The Dark Age[edit]

By 3085 the Third Filtvelt Defenders had been structured as a Regimental Combat Team, although it was lacking in strength due to shortfalls in the supply of equipment - a problem shared with the other units of the Filtvelt Citizen's Militia - but had increased in size by more than a third, and had been designated as the Coalition's quick-response unit.[4]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 3rd Filtvelt Citizen's Militia



The Third had trained intensively in combined-arms tactics and combat drops; as a result of the focused training the Third could board DropShips faster than most units.[4]

Composition History[edit]


Third Filtvelt Citizen's Militia (Green/Reliable)[3]
- Four years after the formation of the unit, the Third was at fifty-five percent of full BattleMech strength, although it possessed more infantry than the unit's BattleMech strength indicated; only ten percent of the Third's equipment featured advanced technology. The Third was deployed to Sherwood and Lackland.[3]


Third Filtvelt Citizen's Militia (Green/Reliable)[5]
- Thirteen years after the formation of the unit, the Third had increased to seventy-five percent of full strength, although only eighteen percent of that equipment featured advanced technology. The Third was deployed to Sodertalje and Eustatius,[5] and while it was lacking in strength the various branches of the unit - infantry, Combat Vehicles and BattleMechs - were integrated at a company level.[4]


Game Rules[edit]


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